Bear Springs Manufacturing stands ready to offer each client quality customized service.

We are capable of individual to industrial size projects. No matter how big or small the order, you will receive the same personalized, superior service. In addition, we can create your prototypes and see them through to a completed full production run. In our facility we have the expertise and flexibility to design, modify, and refine your product to exacting specifications. From idea conception to product completion, we offer the best in manufacturing services.

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  • Bear Springs Manufacturing can take concepts from an idea to a complete design
  • Completed designs so they can be manufactured
  • Resourced materials
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • We utilize SolidWorks design program
  • We can also do product improvements, assembly fixtures, prototypes and test production runs

Using CAD/CAM systems, Bear Springs Manufacturing can meet all you Engineering and Design Needs. We can take your ideas and turn them into working solutions.


  • Bear Springs Manufacturing can improve over OEM (original equipment manufacturer) part with upgrades and better materials, thus creating extended part life
  • We can work from samples or drawings
  • We can do a complete disassemble and rebuild of equipment/components


  • Bear Springs Manufacturing injection molding service includes design of parts for molding
  • We design and build molds
  • We’ll test mold on our press
  • Low cost Aluminum molds for prototypes and low volume runs
  • Tool steel molds for large volume runs


  • Bear Springs Manufacturing can work with your design or designs we have made.
  • Production tooling and fixtures can be produced at this level.


  • Bear Springs Manufacturing can work with large or small scale projects
  • Packaging services available
  • We can create custom fixtures/tooling


  • Bear Springs Manufacturing offers hand assembly for low volume and mechanical assembly for large volume
  • Soldering and silver soldering
  • Custom product packaging


Bear Springs Manufacturing offers pickup and delivery service from the Harrisburg area to State College area.

Suppliers and Subcontractors

At Bear Springs Manufacturing we keep a large network of suppliers and fabrication as well as subcontractors. We have the ability to complete jobs that require more than our in-house services allow such as powder coating, heat treating, industrial chrome coating, and anodizing.

Bear Springs Manufacturing keeps complete records of all jobs kept, wherein all parts are assigned part numbers and can be reproduced later.