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At Bear Springs Manufacturing we understand the importance of being productive. When you’re not productive, you’re wasting time and you’re not moving towards your goals. Whether you’re facing a repair, a new design, a production need or an emergency service, you need parts that work and last. Large amounts of money and valuable time can be lost when you can’t find high caliber manufacturing done in a timely manner. At Bear Springs, we can help you overcome that anxiety. With a combined experience of 65 years, we have the ability and the passion it takes to get you into production as soon as possible. Stop investing in sub-optimal parts that don’t work effectively or last. Contact Bear Springs Manufacturing today and receive the excellent parts and service you deserve.

Meet Al & Devin of Bear Springs
Meet Al & Devin of Bear Springs

A Win-Win Situation

“I have a client who needed specifically shaped beer tap handles for his business. It was great to see how Devin worked with me to design and create the tap handles with precision and quality. His turn-around time was also impressive. I had a happy client who didn’t have to stop his business to wait for tap handle production. It was a win-win for us both.”